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Contact Telephone: +44(0)1618186155


Contract Remote PHP Developer – CPS Group. 06/18 – 12/18.

    • Contract Senior PHP Developer on an industrial scale Car Insurance Management product – used in a variety of the UK’s car repair centers
    • Laravel, Codeigniter, MySQL, MariaDB, Front-end development
    • Remote working & distributed team structure
    • Development of a micro-service integration using a Slim based REST api
    • Front End development using Less, NodeJS, JQuery & Twig
    • Less, Grunt, NodeJS, Jquery, HTML5, GIT, Atlassian, BitBucket, Less
  • Achievements: Preparing for the successful product launch – including the overhaul of various modules and scalability enhancements

Remote PHP Developer – MTC Media. 10/17 – 06/18

    • Senior Symfony PHP developer on a food ordering platform used across the UK and America
    • Supporting a frontend PHP website, iOS & Android apps for restaurants and shops offering pre-ordering and delivery
    • Custom integration development (Posera Maitre’d in particular)
    • The system processes 1000’s of orders daily
    • Direct contact point for resellers, top level support requests and scoping new functionality
    • Collaboration with team members based across europe
    • High performance Mysqlmicroservice
    • Secure private and exposed REST API’s
    • White Labelled front end PHP website with rich functionality implementing Less, NodeJS, JQuery & Twig
    • PHP, Laravel. Symfony, MariaDB, Javascript, Jquery, LESS, HTML5, GIT
  • Achievements: Preparing the product for a Canadian launch successfully

Contract Developer / Part Remote – MLH UK. 03/17-10/17

    • Lead Laravel/Yii PHP developer on a contractor management platform written in PHP
    • Client site consultations and visits
    • Architecture, development & design on an industrial level product, based on Laravel 5
    • AWS Based hosting environments management and maintenance
    • Onboarding of new clients, product demonstrations and presentations
    • Attending tender proposals as a technical expert
    • Front end development using React
    • Integration and training of new contract engineering staff
    • Author of an xAPI LRS (Learning Record Store)
    • Laravel, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Jquery, LESS, Digital Ocean, HTML5, Yii, GIT, Gitlab, ReactJS
  • Achievements: Designed in-browser conferencing tools using Opentok & Full migration to digital ocean to increase efficiency

Contract Remote PHP Developer – Freelance. 09/11 – Present

    • Web application design and architecture, full stack development using Codeigniter and Laravel
    • LAMP server management, AWS/Digital Ocean Hosting Management
    • Bespoke ecommerce integrations, Laravel 4, 5 & CodeIgniter
    • Ticketing & Reservation systems. SagePay, WorldPay, & PayPal
    • OpenTok webRTC integrations
    • Large Data integrations and high-performance MySQL
    • Launched a bespoke Codeigniter based community CMS (custom) with a reservation and booking system. Based on PHP5, Codeigniter and MySQL. Integrates sagepay.
    • Beskpoke web scraping
    • PHP, PHP7, MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Hosting, Git, Drupal 7, ReactJS, Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter
  • Achievements: Full architecture, design, development and implementation of a PHP (Symfony components) Based CRM system tracking the south spain property market. Tracks everything from property details, to individual viewer booking. Full reporting, tracking and historical analysis. High performance MySQL

Contract Software Engineer – European Commission. Karlsruhe 01/14 – 03/17

    • Drupal 7, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PIWIK, High-performance MySQL, Javascript, REST, AngularJS, GIT, AngularJS
    • Public web presence using Drupal 7, 4m+ hits per year, 30k+ content items
    • Web presence strategy, responsible for ~70 websites of the EU focusing on Nuclear Research
    • Administration, development, training, editing, user support, technical implementations
    • Regular travel across Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands & Spain
    • Working in a distributed team of 3
    • Jive8 Collaboration software, responsible for supporting ~750 DE staff
    • Front end developer for the European Commission internal collaboration platform
  • Achievements: Launched the EU-JRC Science Hub in a team of 3. Launched in 2014, partially redeveloped in 2015 and currently serves approximately 4 million hits per year and represents all scientific research activities of the European Commission DG-JRC. PHP/Drupal/Javascript/MySql.

Software Engineer – Invisible Systems. Kendal, UK. 01/11 – 01/14

    • Lead web developer on a private BMS-Energy monitoring platform
    • Managed the platform for 2 years
    • 1000+ Active users
    • Enterprise level T-SQL architecture (billions of records)
    • Automation/data analysis and reporting scripts designed, developed and maintained
    • Custom OO-PHP backend with supporting set of SQL procedures. Real-time Email, SMS and weather integration and full use of jScript/jQuery/Highcharts for a high quality UX
    • Award winning projects, such as Sustainable Housing 2012
    • Becoming lead web developer after starting as a junior 18 months prior
    • Rebranding/white labelling the flagship product, and developing sister-applications into award winning projects used in schools, housing authorities and universities for the purpose of energy monitoring.
    • PHP, SQL Server 2008, Rest, Soap, Codeigniter, GIT
  • Achievements: Trained a junior member of staff in modern PHP secure web development

Creator – Global Debt Resource. 2017-2018

Created a public database of debt collection agencies. Searching, enquiries, free listings, premium options, various integrations and membership options. Currently holds around 2500 active agencies. Based on a lightweight codeigniter 3 structure.


Web Designer – Delta Rock North West. 05/10 – 11/10

Donated a new website to a local firm looking for community support. I delivered it as part of a university placement project. HTML, ASP.NET


BSc Honours Computer Science, 2011 – ‘Cloud computing: A Practical analysis’

National Diploma: ICT, 2007, Graphic Design for Beginners, 2012, ITIL V3 Certified, 2015

Graphic Design: Kendal College 2013 – Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Products