The JRC Science Hub ( is a very large scale news portal built using Drupal. It publishes thousands of news articles and research papers on behalf of the EU Scientific project.

I worked on the design, conception, implementation and on-going maintenance and upgrade of the site.

My role was an on-site development consultant and developer for the project, covering Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to further develop and support the project.


  • Alexa rank of 803 (at the time of writing)
  • Extremely high load
  • Various integrations of content sources

Team Size

  • External development support, 3 internal senior level developers, 15 communications consultants, 25 authors covering all major EU languages, 2 PM’s, 3 trainers, 3 social media experts and a department head. Distributed across 3 countries. The project was directly representing a body of around 2750 staff.

Tech stack

  • PHP / Drupal
  • Bootstrap
  • Varnish caching
  • Jquery & various libraries

Improvements & Next steps

  • Build out custom content/editor workflow functionality