I specialise in building high quality, robust web applications & services that ‘out of the box’ solutions simply can’t provide. My web applications are productive, engaging and reliable.

I focus on driving efficiency for you. This ethos is at the heart of any custom web application I create – from reducing business overheads, improving overall ‚Äč_efficiency and offering higher levels of customer support on a freelance basis.

Some of my freelance web development projects

  • Online Booking systems, reservation & ticketing web applications
  • Asset Management websites, Trade/Wholesale websites and warehouse management web applications (Picking/Packing)
  • Complex e-commerce product inventory websites
  • Product customisation websites
  • E-learning websites including SCORM and xAPI integrations
  • Employee scheduling, compliance & verification web applications
  • Automation, reporting & statistical reporting websites
  • In-browser real-time communications (WebRTC)
  • Live Chat
  • Service & Support Portals
  • Collaboration
  • EPOS systems
  • CRM integration
  • ERP integration
  • Accounting systems

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