William Edmunds, freelance web developer

Based in the UK and specializing in PHP web development

I'm a web development freelancer with around 11 years experience. I'm based in the UK. I've been building web applications for a wide range of clients using: PHP, Laravel, Vue, Codeigniter, Mysql, Symfony and React - and many other technologies.

I am a freelance PHP Developer, however I have experience in various similar role's within web development teams:

  • Product feature design & direction
  • PHP/SQL Security Analysis of web applications
  • Performance analysis
  • SEO & Outreach
  • Project Consultation
  • Client / Developer go-between for project planning
  • Project planning & Scheduling
  • Team cohesion & standards enforcement
  • Initial project consultation
  • Content editor and general site management
  • On-going support, maintenance and enhancements

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My CV is here

VueJS/Laravel Address Book app

As an introduction to vue development – I’ve used it to build an address book – it’s running on a PHP/Laravel 5.8. The app is quite loose and is a straightforward introduction / easy to understand app to play around with and...

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Portfolio: E-Learning Platform

My learning hub (https://www.mylearninghub.com/) is an e-learning platform built for industrial clients – used to manage the compliance/training needs of staff within a business. Typically it’s used in industries...

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